Life is an unexpected journey

Sometimes we don’t realize how our life really is until we stop and think about it for a few minutes. We sit down and think about the feelings we have wondering if it is another way for us to ponder how we actually live. We dream about someday doing something good we always wanted to do. Someday my Buena Salud Ultrasound School will begin and I will start teaching those adults on the Autism Spectrum who want to learn Ultrasound technology. From then on, I have much more things which need to get done in my life to achieve greater. Sometimes I still think about having my Ph.D. to be able to formally state my interest and research in my area. Then again, the school I will start, Buena Salud, will be better for me to do. It will support a teaching method which applies specifically to the needs of Adults with ASD. It is very important for Adults on the Autism Spectrum to have a secure career and a job. I am part of living proof Adults with ASD can take an intense interest to start a career and continue it. There are many living Adults with ASD who have done similar things as well as many people with ASD who have died in the past who before they died, used their intense interests to succeed.

Life is an unexpected journey and we don’t know what people will do a long a single person’s way. I have heard about some people’s jealous feelings toward someone else who is successful. For some reason jealousy goes a long way when the person becomes enraged to hurt the other person. Instead of being jealous, do something good for yourself. Being who I am and the accomplishments I have made to date, there are many more accomplishments I am going to succeed at. For starters, when my school finally starts and ends the first class, I will have successfully taught Adults with ASD who will have jobs in Ultrasound Technology. Moving forward I can ask other technologists I know to teach more Adults with ASD who have an interest in a good career.

It is important to have a secure career and a job for anybody. When you see other Adults with ASD not working in a career earning their own money it makes you wonder where the current school system has failed.
Adults on the Autism Spectrum is a growing people as the young grow older. We need to start with early intervention in toddler years so that when the young toddler with ASD becomes an Adult, they can succeed regularly in a career earning them a living. Whether this is in Ultrasound technology or some other career, it is still a living…

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4 thoughts on “Life is an unexpected journey

  1. Jay

    Stephanie, I believe that just being able to perceive success where it does not initially or immediately appear to flourish is an “authentic” “struggle.” To affirm life, like Jason clearly has, and say “Yes!”–how can you put him down like that (or anyone else for that matter) and try to beguile your way into converting him into such decadence? Shame on you and your own personal weakness. Do not denounce life, but affirm it! Clearly you are frivolous in the face of both success and struggle.

    As for you Jason, I’m sure I did not need to intervene, but viewing this website as a motivational website, I just felt I needed to do my part.

  2. Stephanie Lynn Keil

    Sorry, I’m tired of hearing about “autistic” people’s faux “struggles” to success. I’m tired of hearing that it is merely their “hard work” that got them there when that doesn’t have much to do with it: being mildly affected, having support and being financially well-off never has anything to with it (when that is most of it in reality).

    (And there is plenty of living proof of autistic people who are not successful and never will be.)