Learning to live our life by working hard, being happy and becoming wise

It is very interesting to know how much we think we have it all, but later on in life realize we gain a lot more wisdom as we get closer to becoming senior citizens.   Life’s journey comes in to  many twists and turns following through from adventure to adventure.  Some people decide one thing while others decide to do something else.  Whatever it is, it is an individual’s inspiration and joy, but their is always enemies around trying to gain power by doing hurtful things to many people who make positive achievements and work hard.

People who are jealous of other people’s achievements should not feel jealous.  Unfortunately, many people use jealousy as tool to gain power by hurting the person who has worked very hard to achieve greatness.  It takes any one a long time to achieve greatness and many mentors to help them achieve anything they want.  I have met people who are jealous before and initially became so upset, I almost felt like crying.  Now I just don’t even bother with those types of people unless I have to.

I have learned how to never listen to some one who is jealous of me because I will bleed to death just from listening. You always want to know what your enemies are up to by hearing what they are saying when you see them and be two steps ahead of them.  I realize now not every one is going to want to be my friend.  I feel have friends, many friends now that I have met in time.  It is important to never think of the enemies you may have and keep the positive flow going in life since enemies can create negative drama.  This negative drama stems from rumors the enemy makes up to try to hurt the successes a person has. A lot of times the rumors are false, but sometimes they are true like in the recent news of David Letterman being blackmailed causing him pain and suffering.   It was wrong of Mr. Letterman to have affairs with other women when he was married and these affairs made a man who was dark be able to hurt Mr. Letterman.  People need to feel happy about their life even a success story like David Letterman since he seemed to be happy, but must have felt sad at times. Any person needs to find happiness with people they love and within their own solitude at the times they are not with the people they love.  Otherwise their enemies can get the best out of them.

It is amazing for me to know how much I worked hard to achieve certain goals and how many more goals I want to achieve still.  I need to continue to work hard to be the person I always have been who is liked by many. I really admire people like the late Tim Russert because it seems like these type of people don’t let enemies hurt them. They just live  their life the way it should be  by working hard in their careers and being with friends who adore them.

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