July 4th Weekend coming up so here is something I just wrote

Living is a dream come true. A dream which no body can possibly fathom. It gives our right to speak out about our feelings and what we know to be right. Think about it, if you didn’t live on Earth what would you be doing. You would be somewhere in space trying to move along and can’t. Many people may feel unestablished at the moment, but if you can simply move forward you will.

A funny story on the subway the other day. I was reading and in my own autistic state of mind when a homeless man comes up to me trying to gain my attention by putting his face in my face forcing eye contact. He asked me for money and I knew I could not, so I did not. People beg on the streets, trains, or wherever they can. There is no reason for anybody to feel so low like they are a martyr. Everybody has potential and can do the enjoyable most productive way to live; by gaining an honest dollar.

Anybody in this world can be a contributing member of society. Don’t leave anybody behind, just help!
It is the only way to a working world. Work is work and any body can do something.

July 4th is coming soon and so is more updates on DMC!!! Also, “Adam” with Hugh Dancy and Rose Byrne comes out soon enough and I can’t wait. Lot’s of lucky things are happening in my life and especially on the work front.


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