Here we go again!

I am about to enter a new realm. My life is changing as I write this sentence. Today I go to work thinking about these changes. Some of these changes will make me feel better if not all. I see and observe every day, changes all the time. Don’t Panic! It is for the greater good. When we feel our life is not the way think it should be, it changes in time. There is no turning back to what things used to be. We have to just continue on our way to the end.

Ever feel like you want to turn back, well, sorry you can’t. Things happen for a reason and some of those things happen to learn lessons in life we only find out years later. May be not until we are on our deathbed.
The only thing you can do is be strong, be as strong as you can be, not letting anything or anybody get in your way. Otherwise you are no better off than the common ordinary people who don’t.

Feeling kind of yucky today, well snap out of it people and get to work. If you don’t have a job, help out in any way you can. There is more to life than money. Money just helps us pay bills we need desperately to do. The only time you receive your rewards is when you have done what’s needed to be done.

A spirit inside is your deepest compassion. Jump for joy because it is going to be a long rocky trip over the next few years and beyond. Fasten your seat belt because we are going to light speed ahead.

Oh yeah, And ADAM with Hugh Dancy finally comes out Tomorrow. I finally get to see how I contributed to his work on the movie. Thanks Max Mayer, I seen the trailer and it came out great so far. It was great meeting Hugh Dancy with my friends at Adaptations. I can’t wait to see the movie now. It will be a wonderful time. I heard Oscar is calling in one of the articles I read.

Light Year Man story continues soon enough… (just look it up in archives for the earlier stories) or wait until I give a recap.


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