Freak am I

by J.S.R.

I am a Freak
I live in the woods
I sit by the ponds
wondering what to do next.

Troubles ahead
Troubles behind
I sit by my freaky house
with my freaky birds.

Coming ahead
I see all I can see
it turns gold
while it turns cold.

I begin to shine
watching my reflection
in the ponds.
I am no freak anymore.

But, was I to begin with?
I look at my shadow
and see my freak self
appear once more.

I look at the mirror
and I see my face appears
shiny and bright as
positive then one would know.

I walk through the pond
breaking my image of myself
when a sculpture lies in the

A familiar stone sculpture
which appears so light
and fluffy as often as my
image appeared in the pond.

An angel comes up to me
from afar seeking a word
from me, as I say to the
angel I am a freak,
the angel replies with a
straight face, you
are the special gift
which was made for everyone…
just take a look at your sculpture right here.

(On a positive note, we must all think of ourselves as special and not anyone thinking who we could not be. We could be anybody we want to be)

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