Figure it out and you will win!

I thought about something for awhile last night and I could really fall asleep until late.  It was something which has been bothering me about how people can’t seem to fight the negative feelings they have inside.  Some of these feelings just explode inside and/or outside themselves.  My life has been great in many respects. I win, I always win! Think of your life to always do the right things. Never use strength to push the negative into people because people will suffer. There has been people in the past who try and say negative things to me to push me away from my goals. People who do this to either I or anybody else are very insecure within themselves. These insecure people need to get a lesson from people like President Obama instead of being a jealous jerk. Find your inspiration to beat the odd negative people out there.

I know this is on my website earlier in the process, but I will put it up again. Listen, “One love, One life, let’s get together and Be alright, Let’s pray to the lord and be alright!”

Think of your life as something no body can take anything away from. You may feel exerted to do something freely for yourself, so if it is not to be hurtful, DO IT!

Positive and Negative energy is everywhere. You may feel negative at times because the negative energy is overpowering, but as soon as you release it away, you see the good, life has to offer. No longer will you feel jealous, angry, sad, or even depressed since you will build the confidence you need.

Jealousy is a bad thing and always has been. Listen to your predecessors who are succeeding, and you will succeed to.

For now,

Always at the top!

posting once again,


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