Feeling out of place in a world which does not accept anything!

There is something in life which goes further than accepting Autism Spectrum Disorders, this is Accepting anything in your life. We need to accept whatever changes or anything for that matter. For example, we need to accept death, no body in the world can accept it since they see death as an end. Death is just an oxymoron for continuing our way up the ladder. Earth is just just a place where we need to learn things for ourselves for the betterment of whatever comes next. Some people say its called Heaven, but frankly we just don’t know what its called. In the end we are trying to reach an area of superiority (meaning in layman’s terms G-d), but instead we are really in a cycle. We live our life on Earth thinking of hope and wishing, but this is just something which makes more of a cycle. We need to all move forward and accept anything which comes our way. Open our eyes and see what is coming your way because it could be a way forward to fulfilling your time on Earth.

The problem is most people don’t realize what they need to do or don’t want to accept their mission. Most people become too afraid and then the suffering starts. Let go of yourself and be free! It is your only chance to stop the cycle and move forward, move on. We are intended to live here on Earth for a reason, stick to this reason, and work with it. We all need to feel passion all the time in what we do.

Think about yourself, think about what you do, and think about whether or not you are doing what you were made to do. I AM! Not every one can be a banker, not every one can be in healthcare, not every one can be a teacher, not every one can invent, not every one can be a writer, an actor, not every one a painter…We need to do something we have always been dreaming of ever since we were a child.

Success is when we establish our passions to do what we are comfortable doing for ourselves and others!


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