Embrace it or Get rid of it

When I have spoken to different people about their viewpoints about Autism whether they are Neurotypicals or not, there are different ideas which strike a person about Autism. Some people believe we should cure Autism and dissolve the very nature of the condition. Some other people believe Autism is to be left untouched and embraced for the very gift it is given to that person who was given Autism. Autism is a gift from god, but some people with the gift they were given have an incredible amount of other conditions which prevent them from functioning in society. Sometimes the sensory issues are just too much for them or sometimes there emotions are just too much to handle. You can either embrace it if you can handle it or just get rid of it to become someone different entirely.

Some people believe Autism is an epidemic and are promoting to the whole world to eradicate Autism. Asperger’s Syndrome which is a part of Autism are showing other people in society, Autism does have a voice. Yes, it may be people with Asperger’s Syndrome talking and not people with Autistic Disorder, but it at least shows the voice Autism can have. People on the Autism Spectrum handle their Autism differently. It is hard to handle some of the very passionate gifts you receive from any body because very few people know how to express themselves after receiving a gift. Autism has the power to be able to intensify an interest and do great things with it, but a lot of people with Autism are too impaired to even handle it. I have spoken to a few different people about this and they told me there are some people with Autism who will just never succeed no matter what you do to help them. I am one of the lucky ones who can handle it better than the others who can’t even handle a whole hour with it. Unfortunately, other neurological conditions interfere often with Autism.

The way the Autism Spectrum is and the Neurotypical society are as well, we are all still human beings who are very emotional creatures. Someone commented on the PBS video for ‘This Emotional Life’ on YouTube in the trailer I am in stating that she or he has Asperger Syndrome and never gets lonely. Yes, people with Asperger Syndrome and Autism don’t get lonely as often as a Neurotypical person, but it does not mean we do not get lonely in the mix of spending time with our interest(s).

Neurotypicals are more social people than people on the Autism Spectrum. When someone grows up in a world where there are less people on the Autism Spectrum, there is more pressure on the person on the Autism Spectrum to be more social. When we are off doing our own thing, every one else around us tries to push us out of our own thing. This is not fair to anyone on the Autism Spectrum. If I could tell the world one thing to help a person on the Autism Spectrum, I would tell the world to let them do their own thing and express their interests as long as they are not hurting others. Let them perform their interest at their very best, but try and give some balance by teaching them a little bit of social skills a day. This way when these children become Adults, they have the necessary tools to do great things with their interest and succeed.

I know it is very hard to know when to let a child on the Autism Spectrum spend time with their interest and when to tell them it is time to learn social skills. It is like the laws of physics, sometimes it is very hard to balance things the way we want them to be. When one side goes up, the other side is bound to go down.

It’s your choice to embrace Autism or get rid of it, but in the end it is your life to do whatever you feel will make you happy. Remember we are all human with our emotions and sometimes their is a need to be with someone else to talk to. It is good to have friends.

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