I have been having a lot of dreams lately which no body would imagine anyone dreaming. They have been very amazing to think about as I wake up in the morning through the day. Anyway, I will be writing one of them down and posting again tonight.

Keep up the good work being done in whatever you are doing.


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2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Laurentius-rex

    I have the wierdest of dreams and the most lucid of them too, probably cos my sleep is so screwed up.

    I have written some down, I have created poems around others, but if you really want to see them they are there in my videos, you really can see through my eyes then.

  2. callista

    This morning I woke to the radio, went back to sleep, and started dreaming images for what the announcer was saying! When the news repeated half an hour later, I realised I’d been dreaming the news that had been playing while I slept, rather than just making up dreams like you usually do. Very odd! Probably only happens during rather light sleep, though.