Dreams COME true

Dreams.  My dreams at night seem very light and dark depending on the time I sleep.  My dreams seem to always flucutate between a good dream and a bad dream depending on the day I had.  They say if you go to sleep with a positive sense of mind, you dream all good.  It is in my intention to know the dreams I dream have been split lately. A negative dream becomes a nightmare of something I am  very vulnerable to.  A positive dream is very euphoric and something which could possibly happen.  I am fulfilling my dream of being in the Medical field and I will achieve even more.  I will continue to prosper in my cherished Ultrasound community by working hard at helping patients.  Someday I will be known as technologist of a lifetime like we all want to become and do become.  George is a Technologist of a Lifetime.  Fate is something we can control in bits and pieces because of our destiny, but some parts of fate we can not control like in regards to physical health.  We must always remain calm.

I feel calmer now then I was earlier in the evening.

Write down your dreams on paper and know the dreams you have will come true in time with hard work.

Don’t chase the spotlight because you have a dream, just follow your dreams and work hard, everything else is to follow…

We all are the humble people deep down inside of us and must remain this way.


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