Disturbances in the Air; Learning to Balance ourselves

There are a lot of ways¬† disturbances bother us.¬† Take a look at one, Iran. Take a look at the economy. Take a look at North Korea. Even take a look at how no body can agree in the world. People in the world don’t react very well when things go wrong. Every one goes from one extreme to the next. First it was sole Capitalism and now what? We need to start moderating and balancing our lives. We need to start feeling the oomph in ourselves to get our body rolling and to start moving in action. Let our actions be heard! For once in our time continuum let us not see history repeat itself. We need to all learn from our mistakes.

Shouldn’t we be as wise as him;


and as profound and positive as;

IMG_0062 Notice how its me!

And continue to turn heads like this man;positive-approach

Watch yourself and language because someday you just might be someone you may actually like.


Many people in the world today do not consider themselves very positive especially when bad things happened to them when they were a younger. They were afraid so they started developing the dark side of the force. A rapturous fight can lead to suffering so easily.

Remember who you are and remember the better quality of your life. Always remember to just do it!

As I start my day, I start imagining my life as one great adventure fulfilling my life.

Walk in to the light!


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