Anything is possible

by Jason Ross

Somewhere out there,
Somewhere we are free,
Somewhere there’s a place just for you and me.
We come out to show ourselves
in seeking what life brings as
the prime reason for living, happiness.
I know as we go away
to separate places; things will be lost,
you’ll make new friends and live new lives
and have justice for all.
May be the reason to live
is because we must first
experience to make our soul
better. Life is precious and cannot
be taken for granted; know your
limit, but still experience.
When your with your family,
you are dependent, when
your with yourself, you are
Even though you are
gone the life that was given
will live on.
That is what life stands for,
the interdependency of life.
Now is your chance to really
make the life you want. Find a
career, Find a person to help
you through the ways.
Do your experiences
before your old and gray
with grandpa or grandma to
be looked up to. High School
brought me bad luck,
Israel brought me the first
time to realize; “Friends are Life.”
Communication makes love, and
there is a star in every soul in every
being in this world. Now go,
Go and live that Big ‘Ol’ life of yours, because…

Thank you for reading my poem. I wrote this poem years ago…

posting again soon,


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