Angels all around us so be careful what you do!

There are Angels all around us, we just have to feel them.  Respect others, Respect yourself, be patient, and things will come together soon.  Angels can help us all around, but people from Autism Speaks created a video “I am Autism”  to promote a cure creating an uneasiness amongst any one with a form of Autism.  Sometimes we just have to open our eyes and see an Angel in a person or beyond.  It is not right to close our eyes and shut our minds. The video does not respect others and claims Autism as a whole is worth curing, but Autism is something more than what Autism Speaks suggests.  It is different and in some respects different can be better at times when you can see interesting contributions to the world like it has in the past.  For instance, great inventors, poets, musicians, artists, etc. gave and continue to give good things to the world. It is a gift from god. On the other hand, some people who have this difference struggle more trying to deal with it.  Their  struggling can possibly be from not being able to handle the pressures of the Neurotypical world.  It is sad to hear these struggles going on, but Neurotypicals alike need to guide them through as much as they can.  The growth of any person with Autism varies, but it is up to all of us to work together.   Every body has different needs, but most importantly we work through them to achieve anything.

Any Autism is a phenom.  Every thing happens for a reason and may be the reason for having people with any Autism is to help the world through the tough times because some one with any Autism may have the answer.

Take a look at the video from Autism Speaks “I am Autism” and think about how Autism Speaks makes a video just to promote a cure for Autism. Then, take a look at someone else’s video on “I am Autism Speaks” which is based on the perspective people with Autism have a voice.  Finally, watch the video Angels by Robbie Williams to think about any struggle by any one in the world to see how we should think back to our true missions in life for our final achievement to reach heaven.  We can all make it with just a little help.

Respect every  body!  “Nothing about us , without us.” ASAN statement!  There should be more Adaptations around the world which promote positive healthy living.

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