A poem I wrote about a connection I have with people who care

This poem signifies friendship. From my friends Leticia, Kelvin, Fernando, GB, and Joshua in the Ultrasound field. Plus, something else special…

Rainbow Joys,

By J.S.R.

Oh Leticia,
Oh Kelvin,
Oh Georgie,
Oh Joshua,
Oh my oh my Fernando
I see all of you in the midst,
of a fog after a long and
hard journey.
As I come closer and closer
to all of you I see a light
shine so bright.
I wonder what it could be
only something so pure as light.
A sound whistles in the distance
as a doppler filled with harmony.
I wonder what could be in our
future of the next adventure.
I remember our moments,
I remember our skies,
I even remember the smiles
on your faces.
You came,
You went,
like a leaf that falls during autumn.
Now its spring time when
new leafs come out when
I wonder if you will come out to play
and smile. I see your everlasting
fresh smells as I see all of you
and wonder about truth.
Truth lies in the beginning of our faces
which our faces lie in the middle
of our connections.
Our connections through the
winds which bring us together.
If you fall down, I pick you up,
and if we all fall, we help each other up.
Many people know the vision which
comes and goes, but our vision
lasts to see the accomplishments
we see in our futures.
Think of the bright sun and the
rainbow shone between the clouds
for each color resembles one of us.
Green for George,
Yellow for Leticia,
Orange for Kelvin,
Blue for Joshua,
Violet for Fernando,
and Red for me.

(Take it easy and enjoy the poem! I know we have separate lives, but we are all connected.)


Everlasting Vision Afar (EVA grandma)

LOIS (MOM) Loving OUR INNER Selves for all it takes!

Rick (Dad) Real Intuition Caring Kindness

Okay, now I am done!


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