Gregarious Revolution Episode I

Feeling out of place
Feeling like I am slipping away,
I sense a traveling light in the distance from my window.
It travels a distance to
far light years away to another planet, the planet I live on.
The light comes and goes
by only showing itself in times of desperate plea
of hope.
It travels to a planet journeying through its
lands. The man who came from nowhere and now is
crossing a river one day in to
a land not his own.
He traveled far and wide
light years away. He discovered
a myth which no longer seemed like a myth.
A place where there were people doing things
he has never seen before. He is now on a planet
with only one sun, a moon, and many different types
of people with paper in their hands buying many things…
He sought out to explore the adventure of this planet of
one sun, one moon… He discovers someone who feels out of place
on the planet. He begins his adventure with this person when
the chapters begin tonight!

He came from light years away from a flash of light in the sky.
He landed on the part of the planet in a city that never seems to sleep.
A city wide enough, but very narrow to allow millions of people in and out.

The beginning had just begun, the story is moving along.

Wait and see what and how the story progresses.


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