Why oh Why

Why do things have to happen a certain way? I don’t understand.

I spoke to a colleague today at work who talked to me about how her said life that made her rebel and then realize about her family. Then, I mentioned a little bit about my family how my brothers and I were spoiled rotten and now we have entitlement issues. In the end, there is a realization that we all must come to.

Whether you have it one way or the other, a realization must come forth to know what life is all about.

Life is no joke. Parents, children, friends, people you know may think and know that life is a joke, but it is no joke at all. We all have a mission in life that mission leads to one thing and that is realization of what the eternal one wants from us to all know.

A bad man will get what he deserves in the end, a good man will get the love he deserves always even when the bad man tries his darndest to get the good man to suffer.

Love is the only healer for the good when the bad has done wrong. Even when a person does wrong and still wants his money, he will go to hell in the end. We all learn from our mistakes and learn that life is a journey that will be forever taken into account.

out, J

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