What kind of people are out there today?

I hope that 2008 brings more smart people out there than ignorant ones.  By far, what does ignorant mean anyway?  Ignorant means that a person is uninformed, unaware or just lacking in knowledge or training in a particular subject.

When a person says something that makes them seem ignorant, it makes that person look really bad especially when that person has read up on the subject or learned about the topic that they are talking about.  Are people really that ignorant in the world that they feel that know it all anyways? I certainly wouldn’t want to be a part of that person if what they were talking about was blatant ignorance.  Especially when that ignorant person doesn’t even want to learn the truth.

My sensory issues are a problem, but I learn to adapt to the world anyway.  My mom told me last night to stop being so asperger, but that is just her ignorance.  There is no “cure” and people on the spectrum like myself feel that we just need to adapt to the world, instead of searching for a “cure”.   Look within yourself, but don’t look for a “cure”.

In any sense, aspergia greets is coming soon again,

out, J

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