What it would be like if I never existed?

Wait, what am I trying to say here.  If I never existed, what would this world be like anyways.  I feel that if I never existed people all over would seem happier, sadder, or angrier.

What would you feel?  It all boils down to this, do we all have something to give to this world? May be none of us realize it yet, but may be we do have something to give to this world.

Having Asperger Syndrome does give me something to give to this world, and that is to show the world that life is not about to being mean and bullying people around, but about  the love and affection that we give for one another and the the fact that we should be less envious/jealous of people too.  The more love and affection we give to each other the better off we will be in this whole world.  The less likely we will be envious/jealous of each other either.

We should all be proud of our talents and never strive for trying to perform our limitations in this world that show are jealousy and envy.

My world is kind of like trying to control these people that have envy and jealousy because it is wrong.  The more that we have people jealous or envious, the more that people of this world will continue to go to war.  The beginnings of a war if you think about it start out with someone or some people that are jealous or better yet envious of a person or a group of people.

There are many wars in this world like the one in Iraq, little wars even in your own neighborhood.  That is when people need to decide whether or not it is right to start the war in the first place or be at peace with their own self thinking that my talents are fine and I have something to give to this world.

They’re so many people out there that are envious of other people because they don’t realize what their talents show the world.   When you go and do something to hurt another person because you are envious, it tends to make you look bad as well.

Sometimes they’re people in this world that are so envious they become a know-it-all and sometimes they’re people in this world that are so envious that they become backstabbing manipulators that try and and do whatever to hurt the other person they are envious of.

Sometimes both being a know-it-all and a manipulator show all over their faces all at once.

I have come across several people in my life that are a know-it-all and a manipulating jerk.  I don’t like it when I see people like that.

Why can’t people just be within themselves and be happy with that?

I don’t understand this.

Anyway, there is a huge difference between jealousy and envy, those that are jealous just don’t see eye to eye, and those that are envy start wars of rage just like Cane started on Abel.

Think of many different words of wisdom and triumph over your jealousies by not allowing your rage set in.

So, one more time What if I never existed?

out, J

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