What do people say about growing up?

Growing up takes time and especially for someone on the autism spectrum as well.   It is not like with neurotypicals that grow up so fast and with no intention of even thinking about  it.   Spectrumites are different than people who are neurotypical.  Neurotypicals just don’t understand this and look at some people who are Asperger and feel that certain asperger people are neurotypical which is FAR from the truth.

Asperger people like myself tend to be developmentally delayed that is why they call it a pervasive developmental disorder which is more neurological NOT psychological.

What we as Asperger people learn very slowly at like with people interactions, is that people interactions are very hard to learn because everyone is different and is not the same.  There are some people that are very similiar to other people, but never the same.

Anyway, An aspie like me tries hard, but when people are ignorant and don’t want to understand why an asperger person seems in appearance like them, but is deep down a neurologically different than them in sensory intergration and socially deficiant than them. That is when the truth be known that those neurotypical people are just ignorant and as stubborn as the next asperger person.

It doesn’t matter what that neurotypical thinks, says, or even tries to convince that asperger person because that neurotypical is just IGNORANT.  He or she may be educated, yet they are ignorant.

Anyway, gotta get going,

out, J

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