Valentine’s Day?!?

Is Valentine’s Day an important holiday?  I really don’t think that Valentine’s Day is that important of a holiday that people from all over genuinely celebrate it for the greater need of love.  I think the point to this holiday is for people to know that there is no reason to find love on just one day, but any day.

If people get that out of their heads that love is only one day, then most people would be thinking love all the time.

There are so many varying degrees of love.   Love comes in various packages too.

There is Romantic or sexual love or physical love, and friendship love.  Just because someone says I love you, doesn’t always mean that it is romantic love.  Though, let’s draw back to the definition of Romatic/Romance which comes from the Latin Word from roman times.  Yet, Romance according to says that romance is a artful expression of one’s innermost feelings sometimes including love, sometimes not.  So, why do people insist that romance is love.

Love according to is an abstract concept that which is experienced and all said and done.

In my experience, Love is not sexual.   It is like saying that I LOVE…(fill in the blank)

You can add just about anything and any person.

There are so many loving ways to love that we tend to overuse the word a lot. Just like its opposite Hate.  Do we really hate anything or anybody? or Do we say the word Hate out fo anger and not thinking?  The same goes with love. Do we really love everything and everybody? or Are we just overusing the word by saying I really love (fill in the blank).

All I know is that we should never use the word hate, and we should always moderate using the word love.   And when does the word liking something or someone become the word loving something or someone.

These are the challenges of the day.

Take Care and take care of that word LOVE making sure that you use it wisely.

out, J

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