Today brings a new day just like any future day

A day in the wraps is a day we just need to forget.  When there are days my mom gets upset with me, I tend to remember everything about what happened that day.  I can’t foget about it and just let go.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I did not do the chores around the house like I should have done in the morning.  I wanted to do other things in the morning.

This led to my mom having to take care of one of the chores I was supposed to be doing.  See, I spilled something in the garbage can which created a stench in the garbage can and garage.  I didn’t think by doing whatever I wanted to do in the morning, my mom would go and clean the garbage can herself.  I thought I can just wait to do it for Saturday.  I guess my mom got upset because she could not stand the stench at all so she went to clean the garbage can herself.

When I came back home last night, she gave me hell making me feel very bad about it.  Though, she had every right to be mad at me.  I did not do the chore I was supposed to be doing on Friday morning.  She could not stand the stench anymore herself, so she decided to clean it herself.

I learned I can not throw anything away in the garbage can without placing it in a bag first.  If the item I am placing in a garbage can has liquid or ice cream in it, I have to dump it in the sink.  I realized why I did that too because I had not eaten most of the day that day.  I know my mom gets upset with me if I do not have my three meals a day, so tried to hide the item I was enjoying at night when I came home.  It was a silly mistake on my part because I thought impulsively and placed it a place where my mom found out anyway.  The garbage started to smell.

This week I learned having three meals a day is better than skipping at least one of them.  I learned if I skip my meals I tend to get so hungry my eyes become blurry and I feel so tired in my eyes.  Plus, if I have my three filling meals a day, my energy level is boosted a lot more and I can do more things.

I used to make sure I had three meals a day, but ever since I started working I tend not to eat so much.  I like to do my work all the time, if I stop for lunch I start to feel like I will stop being on a roll.  I know every employee is entitled to have a 1 hour lunch during an 8 hour day.  People have told me in general that it is good to take lunch because there are days when people actually do need it to clear their heads and get fresh air.   I have spoken to people who say on the days they take lunch they feel they do a better job than on the days they try and fly through the day.  It is just more healthy.

We all need to be healthy whether its physical, mental, or spiritual.  The first step in being healthy is eating food.

When I told my mom last night I will make it up to her, she told me “Don’t Jason you WILL make it up to me.”

I know she does not like getting angry at me,  but sometimes she gets frustrated with me.

Well, today I need to do certain chores around the house so I can do other things I like to do better.

Have a great day! It looks like a Beautiful sunny day in New York…

out, J

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