Thinking Thinking and Thinking…

How much can we think about something again and again which bothers us?

I don’t know how to stop thinking about things which bother me. People tell me to just live my life. I have been doing this often now and marking a different way to my long life where happiness and deceit/despair exist at the same time. I can’t believe deceit/despair exists at all. Things must change. New Year’s 2009 is coming soon which means a New Year’s Resolutions as well. I have a few New Year’s Resolutions to make myself. I don’t think anybody should not wish anything since wishes are just false hopes. Instead if we just make ourselves a list of New Year’s Resolutions by writing it down on paper posting it on our doors or anywhere we will see it everyday in 2009, we will follow those resolutions.

Let’s see the New Year’s song goes like this, ‘For all gracious…” Well, I can’t really sing the whole song in this post, but you get my drift. For one day of the year, the whole world comes together. It would be nice if 365 days of the year the whole world was always together. We must think about our resolutions this year about how we’d like to make differences. Think of your passions when you were a child never thinking about how much money these passions could make or even will make. All things come with time. Nothing was built for a whole day as a kingdom of fortune. Of course first you must ask yourself ‘how old you are? and how well you are?’ because if you are not well enough health comes first.

All the people of this world need to drive thoughts in to their minds thinking of things they love to do with passion. Many people who work in finance or any other field giving lot’s of money at first hand, these are jobs which target greed, not passion. These days I find very few people who are actually doing finance who love what they do. Finance is a field like any other field, if you love it you do it, if you hate it you don’t do it. I am lucky enough to have found a field a love to do. It is unrelated to finance in many ways (Read the About section).

I just find thinking is a good way to set our minds straight. My mom sometimes says thinking too much can be dangerous because we might just so happen to stir the wrong pot in our minds. If we learn to use our minds to the fullest and continue to learn new things in our field of interest, we go further along the path to happiness. A happy person starts out struggling with vigor even though in the end the triumphant victory was worth it.

People may look at you like you are crazy trying to do anything to succeed, but you should laugh in their faces because you will have the last laugh to heavenly heights.

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One thought on “Thinking Thinking and Thinking…

  1. Casdok

    I would like to know how to stop thinking about things which bother me too. I do find writing them down sometimes helps.
    ‘Thinking of passions and how to make a difference’ A great idea for New year resolutions.

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