Thinking of everyone in more ways than one

I know I have lapsed for a week, but have no fear I am just writing some things on paper first before I write on the computer.  I am also making a scrapbook of my life.

It is quite interesting to do a scrapbook and I bought a book to learn how to draw fantasy creatures. I am going to draw fantasy creatures in my scrapbook.

My dear DMC readers who have been so committed to reading my website, I hope you have a great week. I am going to definitely have a great week myself.

Thinking of you eCards are always a good thing to send every once in awhile to show you are caring about the people who care about you.

A suggestion is a website:

Here it is,


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One thought on “Thinking of everyone in more ways than one

  1. Emanuel

    I like that you have a website like this where you can express yourself. I really like how you commit to writing in addition to the other things that you do. Please keep up the good work.