Thinking of a moment in time…

I think of a moment in time and I wonder what moment in time I will be doing as each day passes. I know my life as a Cardiac and Vascular Technologist will boom far greater than anyone has ever seen. I also know my life has gone from one positive experience to the next. I just have to hold it there and keep it there for life. It is so easy to get emotional when something happens. My world is changing and the world I live in now will be more educated and understanding of everybody within 3 months time or sooner. I just hope it means no more Judge Rottenberg Center, no more bullies, no more anything which hurts anybody else. Everybody can get a chance in life if they work hard at it. I know I need to continue to work hard as well. I know Aspergia Greets series I created could hopefully be a series of shows or movies. I really love the storyline I came up with. A moment in time will bring it all to happen.

Hope you remember this song and love it just as much as I do.


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