Think Real to think Autism, but NOT CURE

Being on the Autism Spectrum is a blessing. Also, thinking of it like a blessing is the best way to deal with the situation of anybody else on the Autism Spectrum.

Essentially people like myself should be looked up to not down upon.

We are real, We are the people in this world too.

Since I have a busy day today, I will post later on,


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One thought on “Think Real to think Autism, but NOT CURE

  1. Harold L Doherty

    Yeah, sure it is. For you. Tell that to the children with autistic disorder that have to be treated at tertiary care clinics for their self injurious behavior. Or tell it to the autistic adults living in residential/autistic care, including the middle aged woman in New York who was unable to tell the world that she was being repeatedly assaulted by staff. Or those who go missing from family homes, some turning up safe and healthy some not.

    Good luck with your web site and your many blessings.

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