Think of the times of your greatest gratitude and get back to me in a comment

I want every one who reads this website to think of all the things in this world which gives greatest gratitude for living in this world.

Write it down as a comment. I feel there could be a lot of comments on this posting.

It is important to think of all things we are grateful for especially in the crisis we are all in today.

Love is more important than money especially when you are working. You must love what you do when you are working.

Take it easy,


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5 thoughts on “Think of the times of your greatest gratitude and get back to me in a comment

  1. Josh K

    I am happy I have a fanatistic girlfriend who is always there for me. I am happy I live in NY, where there is not a war going on. I am happy I have gained alot of education. I am happy my parents are alive. Sometimes in life you have to balance and have a job even if you don’t enjoy it. The balance as listed above will get you though it.

  2. Marla

    I am thankful for my family and how much I love them and they love me.

    I am thankful for our warm house, our food and the fact that we have health care coverage and J has a job he likes.

    I am thankful that we finally found a good school for Maizie.

    I am thankful that my health is improving and I am getting stronger.

    I am thankful for your blog reminding me of what is important in life.;)

  3. eugene

    i believe there should be no bailouts of companies. There should be creative destruction in business. I am happy that I live in this country.

  4. Niksmom

    Holding my son for the first time when he was ten days old (he was born 13 weeks premature and only weighed 19 oz.) and feeling his impossibly tiny hand curl around my finger. I knew in that moment that, despite the incredible odds he faced, this was the greatest miracle of my life and that we were bonded together.