Think of the word Own and HOME

It is important to have your own assets in owning a home like an apartment.  I soon will be getting that own home of mine really soon.  I can’t wait.  There is a way that I can do it also.

There are pictures to come on to the website from my birthday party and I will place them on DMC.

Also, when I go to my friend Mike’s blog at the, he announced that he has got 1,000 hits already for his site, but why on earth do people announce that stuff. Does it really matter?

He is a Jazz Buff, so if you see his website, its everything JAZZ.

There are many other things like the party went well.  Though a few friends I invited did not show up because they had other plans going on.   I guess that taught me a lesson to always plan further in advance than a week.

GRASP had a meeting on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  MJC, I am sorry I can’t get to the GRASP meetings because it interferes with work.   I will try and make the GRASP meeting next month in July.  Though CANY starts for another 6 weeks.  CANY is a great program filled with so much ways to express myself.

With GRASP, ADAPTATIONS, and OTHER PROGRAMS IN WESTCHESTER I am doing really well.  I can’t wait to move fully to Westchester since I do all my work and stuff in westchester and the city, while also seeing people in the NYC.

IF I think like a CHAMP, and I will become ONE!

out, J

BTW, I am a registered Echo and Registered Vascular Technologist!

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