Think about Your Life for a Moment

Life at the moment seems unpredictable.  Doesn’t seem unpredictable all the time though.  Things in life turn the wheel in several ways.  There is good, there is bad, which way does the wheel turn for you.   We all hope the wheel turns a certain way that gives us the enjoyment we need in life.  Yet, when something bad happens, we tend to get very emotional and want pity.  What is pity anyways? Pity is from the American Heritage  Dictionary online says that Pity is, Sympathy and sorrow aroused by the misfortune or suffering of another. 2. A matter of regret.

Is it alright to Pity someone or yourself?  Or is it better to rise from the occasion and move on up in to the world.

Self-Pity is the most common type of Pity, yet it just gets other people upset.

It makes others feel that you are being too hard on yourself.

When Jerks walk through the door and  he/she feel they can step all over you, you allow it to happen, and create self-pity because you allowed a Jerk to rule your life.

Everybody should read John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty and tell me what you think.

Liberty is well to many people Liberty is different.  How much freedom does people need in this world?

We have Ethics which are unwritten rules of the world, we have religious rules, we have government rules, and we have many other different types of rules.  If we didn’t have rules, then people would run wild and their would be chaos in this world.

Ethics is very important because it gives us rules to live by, government rules are the MOST important because then we know what to expect where we live, and religious rules are not so important.

Religion is man-made, and people need religion to believe in faith when in fact just to have faith is believing in the eternal one.  People think that they say prayers only in the place of worship, yet every time we talk in public about something that is either bothering us, giving us hope, angry about something, … we are saying prayers to the faith up their who is listening to us.  So, in essence, we still go to our place of worship because then we know that we are respecting the faith up there beyond us.  Whatever religion you believe in it is all history and storytelling.   We don’t know what to believe, yet we believe in what was taught to us as a baby.  No matter what we all must have faith.

We must all obey all rules in life.  Ethics, Governmental, and if you want to whatever religion you believe in because these rules give order.

The question is how do we determine the rules and the freedom.   It is very debatable.   People can debate this to kingdom come, but the frank of it all is that is why we vote for who we want into governmental jobs. We vote to whoever will give us the rules we want in life.  The United States is very very big with more people in this country then ever before to debate.

So, whoever votes, not everyone will be happy with the outcome and everyone has their own viewpoints.

Majority rules in this case because if there are a majority of people who want something, then that is what the country gets.

The minority of people that don’t want what the majority got into office causes controversy.

Controversy rules history and will always be in history.   There will always be feuds of people arguing with one another till the end of time.

Everyone desires different things, yet the only one who knows what is right is the perfection of the faith up there that knows what is right.  We can argue yes we can argue, but we won’t know the truth till we are old and gray lying on our deathbeds.   So, live your life and debate the issues because we are different from lower vertebrates because we have the ability to reason and debate.

Go out there and talk with people to try and get your viewpoints across because we need to get our viewpoints across especially people on the autism spectrum live myself because this is NOT AN EPIDEMIC.

AUTISM, ASPERGERS, PDD have been around for thousands and thousands of years since the world first started and the fact that there are more people being diagnosed with these syndromes just goes to show you that this world is being more aware of it.

This is genetic and we need to prove that to the whole world.  Let us ALL be heard.

Have a great day and take it easy,

out, J

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