There is a difference between Fear and No Fear, Know the difference

The only reason why people hate is because deep down inside they also fear something so intense they can’t resist the fear. Instead they use a defense mechanism to hate certain people, creatures, and things. It is incredible why people fear so much. Fear is a dangerous incline to hate.

It happened to Anakin and Tom, so why would anybody allow it to happen to themselves.

Remember fear is an incredible statement which proves destruction. We need to love and stay focused on our tasks. If we want to do something, we do it, we don’t just think emotionally. Think of our discovery of self. Theory of Mind. What is theory of Mind anyway? I guess it is time to read up on it now. One last thought to remember the construction of every person in this world is found by positive reinforcement and love. Anybody who fears too much needs some kind of help.

Pictures to come of Chloe in the snow!!!

I know I hope to make it to the Bronx Zoo this week. That would be fun.

Have Fun this weekend!


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