There are going to be changes in this world now

The many changes to occur are going to start tomorrow after the elections.  We will finally find out who will be our next President of the United States of America.  This person whether Barack Obama or John McCain will be featured everywhere.  Whoever it is, will have the trouble of his lifetime to get this country and this world back in to order.  It will probably take a good 10 years before this country sees any major positive feedback in the economy.  Unless there is a miracle of something that could happen.  I hope there is.

May be people will stop being greedy and accept there will be cap salaries for all jobs/careers.  No body should get more than 1 million dollars no matter what.  Baseball players don’t even deserve any of the money they get paid by these ball clubs.  It amazes me how many Baseball players who are paid muti-millions of dollars will no longer be the star they once were. Baseball is America’s Pass time.

How could this be? I thought they were given the money because they were stars. Not even a star in the sky is worth anything like what these baseball players get.

We need to rethink America.  We need to achieve something so big in which people remain humble and proud of who they are.  Being true to yourself is the most important part of life.  Patience is another. Humble people are very important in this world to spread the word of love and cherishment.  I hope this new President of the United States of America can live his life with the same satisfaction as everybody else.  I hope this person can speak to the public like he is one of us, not above us.  No individual human being is above another human being. We are just here to be human and to appreciate what we all bring to the table of life.  Life’s journey speaks for itself.  People need to understand what a positive perspective can do to help everybody become an achievement in this world.  Any achievement anybody makes is not always big and not always small, it all depends on you and your potential.

If you have potential to do well, you can be the best. It all depends on how you focus and live your life. I hope this Autism site shows the whole world, Autism Spectrum Disorders is to be taken seriously by saying these types of people like myself can or will continue to be a contributing members of society.  We can do the same things like Neurotypicals, but we just need encouragement.  We don’t want people creating a vision of no Autism Spectrum Disorders in this world.  Autism Spectrum Disorders is something that just is, and needs to be accepted, encouraged, and supported not turned against us to discourage us.  We have potentials far greater than what Neurotypicals know and see.

The next President of the United States of America will be the person who will hopefully continue to bring light to the subject of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities like what the ABC news site has given all of you.

This is what I need to say tonight.

Vote tomorrow and hope your candidate can make it. Please get your voice out, I will!

Positive achievements needs to be embraced and spread to others. Hopefully others who achieve similar things, remember who gave them their achievement(s).  Unfortunately, there is always somebody who forgets who got them where they are today.  I will never forget who got me where I am today. I will always be indebted to everybody who helped me out in every step of the way.

For every great man or woman,  there is many great men and women deep within them. Remember it and don’t forget it!


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