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Sometimes people need to part from certain people since not everyone is destined to go through life with everyone. Some people are destined to go with certain people leaving others to go in a different direction of destiny. For instance, the New York Mets had to part with their manager Willie Randolph and for that matter things happen for a reason. Tim Russert parted from the whole world when he died from a heart attack. All things happen for a reason and may be it was time for New York Mets and Willie to move on or may be it was time for the world to see in themselves the kind of way that Tim Russert had taught all of us.

We won’t realize it at first what people that leave us teach us, but after a while you realize that this person really taught me something and I understand now that it was not forever.

There are certain people that always will be around your whole life and those people will always be there when things are down or when things are up. For everybody those people are different.

People are in and out of our lives for a reason, the ones that stay and the ones that go. Eventually though these people in your life are no longer there for you because it comes to the end of your life when time continues and you must enter the light yourself.

We must not think of that now. All we must think about is getting through our lives the best way we can.

There have been so many different people coming in and out of my life while at the same time there are people that were in my life and then come back for a specific reason. That reason only we know about. That reason could be to show those people that we have changed in a very positive way and to show the success we have all made.

Asperger Syndrome is a one of a kind neurological condition for me that makes me feel great. I have come to realize the positive attributes to the neurological difference and I seem wonder that I am learning at baby steps.

Neurotypicals tend to know the same stuff right when they are born and tend to learn the rest very quickly.

I am thankful that I had some early intervention, but I still have a long road trip to go in the learning process.

Just remember that life has a journey with many people involved, people come, people go, people stay, people come back, and people even go again. This is a journey for us all and there are lessons to be learned not just when you were a kid in school.

out, J

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