The VNUS procedure for Varicose Veins

If anybody needs varicose veins taken out, please do not hesitate to contact me! My boss and I can help you out.   It is a simple procedure using Radio frequency Ablation to rid of the Varicose veins by closing the main vein in the leg which supplies the varicose veins.  Before the procedure is scheduled, I check the veins for Venous Reflux which is blood that is not going back to the heart instead it is staying in the legs.

Many women and men have this problem especially when they tend to be either on their feet a lot or stuck sitting on an office not moving putting pressure on the legs.

Come on down if you have a problem and my boss and I can help you out.

If you live in the city, its easy you just have to travel not too far to Yonkers.  If you live north of there, its not too far still because all you have to do is drive on the highway and its right off the highway on McLean Avenue.

Take a drive,  take a train or take a bus!  Find me there so my boss and I can help you out.

Remember when you think of an awful feeling in your legs, Think Veins, Think VNUS!

The VNUS procedure has been around since the early 90’s.

It’s okay to have a varicose vein problem because something can be done about it now.

anyway, take it easy and I post later on,

out, J

PS if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to Contact Me or leave a comment!

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One thought on “The VNUS procedure for Varicose Veins

  1. passionlessDrone

    Hi –

    You might be interested in knowing (or perhaps not), that there are some herbal options for varicose veins; I’ve been taking a product called theravein for a while and haven’t suffered any problems since I started. One of the ingredients, Horse Chestnut has several pubmed entries on usage for varisose veins. The other components, gota kula, and butchers broom (maybe one other one) have long term use as ‘local’ remedies for a particular varicose vein problem you don’t normally see on the leg, if you know what I mean.


    – pD

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