The Sun is Rising…

The Sun is just beginning to rise with me.  I just wonder what life has installed for me now.  The Sun will not set until the day I am old and gray lying on my bed.

The moment my life gets moving I have so much more to do in such a long and short lifespan.  We only have 130 years of life which most people really do not live this long anyway.

Most people are lucky to live to 100 years old.  I want to live as long as I can to give this world what it needs from everybody and that is sticking with one another at all costs as equals.  We are all equals in this world.

No body is above anybody else.  We can be leaders to lead, but that is because most people in the world need a leader to lead them.  So, here we are.

Take in to consideration your life is a one in a billon shot to make a difference.  We are all this way. We all have something to give to this world. Think of your talents you can give. Never think of how much you get out of it, just do it, like Nike!

People may be grateful and want to give gifts, accept them, but always say “this was not necessary, thank you anyway I love it. Your generosity is great too.”

Everybody needs a feeling of joy in their life.  No body should feel like they are angry at the world or feeling down.  Everybody can and will be good people as well.

Think of this and the Sun will rise stronger for the whole world to see, and one day the Sun will never set until we are all old and gray.

I hope all of us can enjoy every land which has been made for us including Eretz Yisrael, the land of Israel.  Israel is a land which many people in the world can enjoy too, and we need to understand this even Jewish people like myself.  History and even Prehistory from lands on Earth is a way to show how we can all learn from the past mistakes of our ancestors.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the Sun while you can!


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