The stock market is going up and by reading my site, may be it can go up further?!?!

I don’t know why the stock market is going up now, and I want it to continue going up.  I want the world to figure out their passion in life and not worry about not getting enough money in their bank accounts.  Credit cards are overused and not used properly. It is also part of the problem all American citizens are impatient and greedy.  By using a credit card, a citizen of this world could feel they can pay for something later on when later on they may not have the money.  The government did this too which is why I want to know if the government has any money at all to back up our paper we receive in the bank.  Impatience and greediness soars during these times, and everybody can get in to trouble for being impatient.  It even happens to me too. We all need to admit to being too impatient and greedy.  We all want for ourselves and we want it now. Baseball players are this way all the time and then they become lazy not wanting to work.  No body deserves more than a million dollars for doing work unless they are one in a million.  Very few athletes are considered one in a million let alone anybody.

The individuals of this world need to understand what they deserve and what they don’t deserve.  It even happens in Ultrasound amongst technologists.  Every body wants it all.  Some people may say they are patient, but this is just a show they are playing for the world.  The true vision is everybody needs to take their time to listen to their hearts and minds.  Take time out to figure out which is the best way to conduct their lives.

Loyalty is good, but which way is the road to good loyalty.  By being loyal, you should work hard, always to deserve the money you earn.   Many people within the United States of America possibly everybody feels money makes them happy. Happiness comes in different packages and money is not one of those packages. It is just an entity which allows anybody to pay for inflation of products for their needs and eventually wants.

No body knows what more they can receive because every body has what they want already. This is very sad and disturbing to hear.

Think about how impatient you have been through the years and make a better life for yourself.  We need to make this world we live in a better place to live.  This world is a creation for all of us to live a healthy life with love for happiness.

We should also remember stories from our religions which teach us about not doing the wrong things in life.  Though religion is man-made, faith is not.  We believe in what we want to believe in, to have faith.  To those people who don’t believe in anything, you must think hard once again about what truly is.

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3 thoughts on “The stock market is going up and by reading my site, may be it can go up further?!?!

  1. drazin

    I am the one who set Jason’s website up for him and designed the header image. I am a friend of his from high school and we have always kept in touch. Jason is a great person who tries very hard at everything he does and I am proud to be a part of his website and help him make something that people will want to see and read.