The Real Grandma

I hope everyone has been enjoying this website and living it up in a positive way. We all need to think of the positive thoughts in life to energize ourselves to do better. One day when we are old like my Grandma, we can say we lived our life to our fullest potential as well as giving to the world. Life is like climbing up a big sand dune marching upwards having to stop every once in awhile to look back while afterward trying hard enough to reach each altitude.  As a person becomes older they have reached new heights far greater than when they were younger becoming more respected, I want to reach new heights eventually.

Have a fantastic day, I know you will too.


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One thought on “The Real Grandma

  1. Kim Stagliano

    Now don’t call your Grandma OLD! LOL! I remember her from the event last year. She is a lovely woman. Enjoy having a Grandma – I miss mine all the time!