The Movie “Adam” with Hugh Dancy is going to be at the Sundance Film Festival!!!

Check this link out for the movie “Adam.


So, if any of you want to see this film I highly recommend you see the film.
A few of my select friends from Adaptations and I who have Asperger Syndrome helped Hugh Dancy prepare for the lead role.

I can’t wait to finally see the Big Picture and see all the small details in the movie. Yes, I am a critique! Just like the way I do my Ultrasounds critiquing myself and others. Ultrasound is a great tool for diagnosis of patients. (read the about section if you don’t know what I am talking about)

the website I found it from, it will be great!!!!!

I want to show every one the TRUE Asperger Syndrome and Autism NOT what all these Vaccine Activists and People for a cure of Autism/Asperger Syndrome try and tell people what this whole thing is about.

You must talk and/or communicate in some way with a Aspie/Autie in order to know the true feelings of us.
I am glad they spoke with my friends and I.

I think this movie will be a great success! It has excellent cast and with an excellent cast you also need phenomenal cinematography, directing, art design, screenwriting,… anything to make a team work. Teamwork is the key. If you are not a good team, nothing goes right. As long as the film crew works well as a team, they can make a great movie.

Just look at certain sports teams which fell a part or with anything for that matter. The United States of America must work as a Team. Each nation has to work as a team. TEAMWORK WORKS! Remember there is no ‘I’ in TEAM!

Take it easy,


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