New York Mets baseball began this week in Spring Training games.

The possible line up could be:

7  Jose  Reyes  SS
1 Luis Castillo 2B
5 David Wright 3B
15 Carlos Beltran CF
21 Carlos Delgado 1B
18 Moises Alou LF
19 Ryan Church RF
23 Brian Schneider C

The starting pitchers:

57 Johan Santana P
45 Pedro Martinez P
33 John Maine P
46 Oliver Perez P
34 Mike Pelfrey P Mee the Mets, meet the mets, Greet those mets greeting them in style.

Anyway, Duanar Sanchez is showing some better sides this year and going to definitely prove who he really is. His confidence is back hopefully.

It seems like the mets could really win it all this year up to the World Series, but we shall see because we must all always stay positive. The mets got a bit slumpy last year, and may be this year they won’t do that since they have Johan Santana.

Anyway, LET’S GO METS!

out, J

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