The Main Role Model of Adaptations

I have a friend at Adaptations who I feel is the main role model of Adaptations.  He will be featured soon on National Public Radio (NPR).  This person has incredible patience like no other person in the group.  It is probably why I always try and tag along with this person to ask this person how he does it even though at times he does not how he is so patient.  I have always tried to observe his behavior because I want to become a better person.  I know I am a role model as well and will be featured in the news soon too.  There also is something else in which I’d like to keep a secret about right now.  I figure even when my mom is not trying her hardest to smooth my skills, I can observe this person to help ease my mother’s teachings.

I know I probably teach him things in which he does not know either.   A friendship works only on a two way street.  You must give and get back.

I promise not to give away names, but anybody who knows me probably knows who I am talking about anyway.

Positive things can happen in this world and with the patience somebody develops in time anything is possible.  It is like what somebody said to me last year “You can’t chase the spotlight, you have to let the spotlight come to you.”  When the spotlight comes to you, you must be able to remain true to yourself and as humble a person as you always were.  I hope the next President of the United States (hopefully Barack Obama) remains humble.  It is so important like I said before.

Anyway, things are the way they are for a reason and we must all be patient with ourselves.  May be I should be patient with the Adaptations program as well since things are changing along the way. BTW, this person is also on the Autism Spectrum.


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