The eternal one up there…

The eternal one up there is watching over us. Yet, how much is he looking at us, hearing our words, taking our own prayers, and up there most of the time.

I find that people worry too much about that especially people that are religious in any religion. Religion is man-made and everyone and every religion interprets faith differently and how that faith is revealed is very subjective.

Jewish people will say I AM RIGHT, Christians and there are heck of a lot of Christians there the majority of the world will say NO, I AM RIGHT, people who study the Koran will say NO, I AM RIGHT, people who study any other type of religion will swear up and down I AM RIGHT.

The fact of the matter is that, NO BODY IS RIGHT!

Every one has their feelings in life about what is out there, but if you stop thinking about religions that are man-made and start thinking about just becoming a person and living your life just doing it, then life will be better off. There are so many resentful people out there that turn against others because they are not believing in what they want you to believe in.

Every one has their own religion and every one who talks words out of their mouth every minute of every day speaks in prayers to the eternal one up there.

Be careful with every word you say since every sentence can be considered a prayer.

Most people think that prayers are when you read a book in temple, church, or whatever you call it, but that is not true. Prayers can be whatever words you want to say to the eternal one up there.

Forget what others write and tell to you to read, just say it from your heart because that is the only way a prayer gets out in the open and that will help you get to where you want to be at.

There are too many voices of people in the world, a lump sum of approximately 500 billion people probably that need to be heard. The world is overcrowded and that is why people probably don’t say their own prayers and wisdom to the faith.

Prayers to faith comes and goes, but prayers in religion stays because people want to read what others write. Yes, what others write is history of the religion, but its not your own prayers.

I am not saying to not read that history because if that history means something to you by all means read it, but don’t forget your own prayers and wisdom too.

Take it easy,

out, J

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