The Background of Love

There are many times in my life and other people’s lives when we feel we love somebody who does not love us back the same way as we want them to.  Unrequited love happens frequently.  I can tell you a story of a recent unrequited love, but it will not serve the purpose of this posting.  The purpose of this posting is to try and figure why and how it happens.  I find this happens more often with people on the Autism Spectrum like myself.  I have had several times in my life where I have fallen in love with a woman, and the other person did not love me back the same way.  The most recent unrequited loving relationship only happened a couple of years ago.

Let’s think of ways to avoid the heartbreak of unrequited love if there is an avoidance of it.  How close to do you get to a person?  and Does it really matter what culture the person is from who you fall in love with?

I don’t think we can control how close we get to a person.  For me, when I meet a woman I like who does not seem to have any boyfriend or husband, I want to get closer to the person to see how much I really like this person.  The closest I have ever gone with a woman I really enjoyed the company of,  she wound up being older than me.  How old is too old to be with somebody?

I would say the difference should be up to 5 to 8 years older or younger than me.  It seems to be very hard to find a woman who is exactly my age and very compatible.   Now if I am 29 years old and I meet somebody 5 to 10 years older which means 36 or 38 years old, is this a good thing or bad thing.  I am Jewish and when I am somewhere to meet a woman I for example could meet a woman who is Spanish or Indian or of a different culture from what I am who seems to be very compatible with me.  After a long conversation,  everything seems to fade away except the individual I see who I really like a lot and eventually would want to get to know more.

Individualism is very important.  We must always look at the individual first before making any determinations based on anything.  I know I had fallen in love with women of different cultures and older ages, but it may just show that I can love.   Though, I don’t feel I really want to love anybody again.  A loving relationship in a romance sort of way brings heartaches and joys at the same time.  There is too much stress involved.  It is something I must think through whether or not I should try again.

I am open to meeting an individual woman who seems very compatible to me.  I respect my brother who looks at a woman as an individual bef0re determining anything.  Love comes in different packages and it does not have to come in a package with the same culture and background.

I think I seemed not to get to the point of how not to get involved with unrequited love, but I think there is no answer to this question.  It happens sometimes…

Take it easy,

here is an image I found which signifies a person standing in the midst of darkness with a single stream of light in front of this person. Could this be a door opening?

OUT, Jslight openness

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