Take a look at People on the Spectrum, Disabilities, and the Older People, and different nationalities looking for Jobs

These people like myself and other Aspies and Spectrumites, other people with disabilities, and the older population like my parents, or people of different cultures looking for full time jobs with benefits. It is amazing that people do not want to employ people on the spectrum, people with other disabilities, people like my parents who are in the older category which entails the baby boomer’s, or people of different cultures that need jobs. This society is messed up. Employers only want to employ those who are “Perfect” in their own minds. Ones that are NT, young, with no other disabilities, and of course the same culture as the employer. That is messed up. How can that be. And when an employer sees a person with any of those categories or all of those categories, they get worried that the job won’t get done properly. Even when the employer chooses to employ part time to start out. An employer must allow EVERYONE (not just specific people) to be able to SUCCEED in life. Everyone has the willing right to succeed in life, not just those that are faster, younger, or different in any way.

I see it with my parents searching for jobs, I see it with myself at work where I am just part time and not full time, and I also see it with people of different nationalities to the employer that is trying to seek employees.

The Civil Rights movement happened for a reason, and we ALL must abide by it.

Civil Rights not only applies to every nationality, but to every type of disability such as Asperger Syndrome, and to the Older Baby Boom population.

For instance, this country is getting older and older which means that people are living longer lives. This means that people are going to work longer and not retire at 65 years old. Retirement should be extended to at least 70 years old so that people are staying off Social Security and earning income.

Income is important for everyone to earn and that includes every human being that wants to work and earn a living.

The recession has started and that means job loss, but it just means that we must work harder at helping each other out because that is what the eternal one created us for. He didn’t create us to be selfish, petty, and sneering at those that are different.

WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE in our own ways creating self fulfillment and self worth and dignity or pride in ourselves.

Just take a look at Governor Patterson, he is a prime example of what different can do. Sometimes different can do better than the same.

Anyway, take it easy,

out, J

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