Take a lead

This posting is telling people why I put the current poll question up.  Aspergian rights is very important in this world.  They should have thought about it a lot sooner than now, but hey its never too late.

For all people in this world g-d created this world to help one another not harming anyone of us on this planet. We may get angry, mad, or ridiculous at some points, but this world was meant for all to live on and try achieve our goals.

The majority of people in this world are Neurotypical so the NT way has been structuring this world. That is not right!

Its why many people with disabilities like asperger syndrome get victimized from the very beginning of their life because Neurotypicals rule this world.  We must all strive for our own self worth and praise for ourselves.

Living in this world has gotten worse and worse and there needs to be a change.

posting again soon,

out, J

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