Stories about Chloe the Maltese Dog

Its very interesting because it has been over a year since Abby has died.  For over a year Chloe has been different.  For the first month or so Chloe was distraught about Abby, then as time quickly passed by Chloe has been in heaven ever since.  Chloe no longer needs to fight for the attention because she gets all the attention.

Right now Chloe seems to be sleeping in her bed in the kitchen.  I probably should go downstairs and not be upstairs at the computer since I am home alone with Chloe now.

Chloe is the type of dog who loves people and hates other dogs.  We took her to Yom Kippur break fast and when I was eating my food I was holding her the whole time.

A funny thing happened though when I was eating my dessert.  I was eating my mom’s apple crisp and I had chocolate ice cream.  Usually when I eat I am not careful enough and I tend to drop food.  This time I was holding Chloe when Chocolate dropped from my spoon before it hit my mouth.  All of sudden I saw a huge chocolate stain on her clean white hair and as my mom turned her head, I quickly put Chloe on the ground.  Chloe began running away and my mom asked me what had happened.  I told her nothing and began eating my dessert again trying to be as neat about it as I could.

Chloe had just had a bath earlier and her hair was neatly brushed with a new ribbon on her head.

Anyway, Chloe seems okay these days.  When I am at home I try and lift her up and pet her often.  She eats her scooby snacks which I break in to fours and she eats the whole thing.

My mom made a scrap book of photos mainly of Chloe, Abby, and Snuffy.

More recent pictures of Chloe will be posted soon.  I know everybody would like to see me take more pictures of the Cute, Hungry, Licks on Everyone dog!

Anyway, posting later on!


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