Stick to your gut and things will happen

I know if you stick to your gut and believe in yourself, things will happen for the better.  I know things seemed to go to the children area on my site in the most recent post, but I think we should all think of our past which made us feel special.  A special moment in history makes us all realize our true potential in life.  In Adaptations, there is a member in the group who is obsessed with Mr. Rogers.  Many of the other members don’t like hearing  it and neither do I, I am realizing Mr. Rogers did have some points he did bring up which are positive.  He tried to instill in all of us the initial experience of the world when we were children.  Mr. Rogers kept on telling us stuff like sharing and staying humble.  I think this member has a point there with sharing, but I think he is missing one piece the puzzle and that is to stay as humble as equal to the world as you can be.

There is one other cartoon which taught us as well, I’d like to share a video with you about this cartoon.  It is He-Man.  He-Man was a cartoon which taught Social Skills and positive energy to the world.  Telling us when we are negative things don’t happen properly and stuff happens where we feel very upset. Things happen for a reason and I know we will all be the better person who will succeed at whatever little or big success we all want to achieve. I know not every one can achieve the same things.

I loved the He-Man cartoons because of the things which were taught to me or at least tried to teach me.

Hope you enjoy…

These are the lessons He-Man taught us:

I know I will post soon…Take it easy and I hope you understand what I am talking about with the positive energy which needs a twizzler to form a Tornado to swoosh away the negative forever. Twizzlers make mouths happy.

You should think about your favorite cartoon which brought out the good in you.


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