Some say love is a relationship, well for me it is our relationship with G-d

I want to tell everybody, my relationship with G-d and everybody’s relationship with G-d. This song really reminds me of this relationship. This is our ultimate relationship in which we all should keep. The relationship which will always be there to help us and guide us even when we are all alone. Loneliness does not exist, solitude always does. I am was never lonely, I was just in solitude and I continue to live in solitude since my relationship with G-d is stronger than anything the universe has ever seen. We all have this relationship and must realize this relationship exists as well. It is what gives us strength and unity. We must think about not just the people who we are in relationships with, but the ultimate relationship instead. I wish other people could live in solitude like I can.

Enjoy this, it is wonderful!


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