So Halloween is coming up and I need to decide what costume to put on

I already made up my mind of a costume to put on for Halloween.  I will be a Chupacabra this year.  If anybody does not know what a Chupacabra is, it is a mythical creature from Puerto Rico.  I decided to be this mythical creature from Puerto Rico because I have a lot of Puerto Rican friends who I want to tease.  If you want to know what a Chupacabra looks like just go to

Halloween is a time of year which is not a Jewish holiday, but it is a fun all around holiday for everybody to enjoy. It is the time of year to dress up and get in to the spirit of the spirits.

Anyway, I wonder if any of you have ever been in the presence of a ghost. I read on yahoo news today most Americans have claimed they were in the presence of a ghost and believe in ghosts.
I guess you can tell why my poll question for today is about ghosts.

It is kind of strange thinking about ghosts because if ghosts really exist, Why are ghosts around then?

I remember reading in the Harry Potter books where the books explain how a ghost is a spirit which does not want to ascend to heaven because the ghost has unfinished business. By the way, the Harry Potter book series are my favorite book series ever. Though, I am finally reading Book 7 now so please do not tell me anything of what goes on in Book 7. I want to be surprised.

I know spirits do exist, but only a select few in this world can really have contact with spirits. I have been living in my parent’s home basically my whole life. I remember whenever anybody started talking about ghosts or I watched something on TV about spirits or it was around my birthday or even Halloween time, I would start to worry about what would happen if I came in contact with a spirit.

When my Grandpa Dave died in 1990, I was at the funeral home standing by his coffin where I swore as they opened up the coffin I heard his voice singing. I remember telling my mom about it and she said to me, “sometimes when we are so close with someone and they die we want to hear their voice so badly that we can imagine hearing their voice.” I just stood there as the room fell silent and everybody else walked away, but I decided to stay there for a few extra minutes just to be sure.

Since my Grandpa Dave died I always went with my mom and my grandma to visit my grandpa’s grave. In fact I probably am the only grandson to have seen his grave every year since 1990. Although we had a lapse in going to the grave from 2006 to just before Rosh Hashanah. I feel whenever I go to see my grandpa’s grave I feel connected to him more. After each time I visited his grave since 1990, I would ask him questions at the grave and talk to him about my life at the time. His body may be dead, but his spirit definitely lives on.

I think that if somebody actually did see a spirit, they should definitely keep it to themselves since the whole world would does not understand the spiritual world. The yahoo news did say if you do feel the presence of a spirit you start feeling very cold like there is a chill in your spine. You also sense other things like if have a pet in your home, the pet becomes very agitated. For example, Chloe would start barking at an odd time when there would be no reason for her to bark.

My family used to have a housekeeper in the house around 1990 who never wanted to go downstairs in the basement at night because she felt a spiritual presence. She was a strange individual.

Whenever my parents asked me in the past to go downstairs in the basement at night; I would run down the stairs to the basement, pick up the item we needed, and run back upstairs as fast as I could. I would also shut the lights and slam door shut. I had always done the same thing even before ever meeting the housekeeper who talked about spirits in the basement. Basements could be very creepy at times and especially when things get dark in the whole house.

Anyway, enough about spirits because it is starting creep me out and I am sure I am creeping you out too.

Hope all of you choose a good Halloween costume this year and play it safe since it is supposed to be fun!

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7 thoughts on “So Halloween is coming up and I need to decide what costume to put on

  1. Love Chloe

    I think the New Orleans Girls Who Like to Party should also be a Chupacabra for Halloween. It reminds me of them.