Show who you are…

You must show your inner workings to the outside to give the world the knowledge or art you so deeply want to share.  Sharing is caring, right? I hope so.

A feeling of dealing with anger issues just makes all of us different sets of people.  Yoda is right though.  We need to show more love in the world.  We need to end disputes peacefully.  There is too many people fighting in the world whether it is small or big fights.  Every body needs to find fault in themselves without pointing the finger at anybody else.

We may get angry, we may get sad, but there is no reason to get this way when most of the time we all cause our own problems.  The United States of America caused a war in Iraq which is a problem, but we caused it.  Now we need to stop it from happening without just abandoning it and letting the world fall a part.

We live in this world for a reason. Show who you are and what you can do.  We should all try to use at least another 10 % of minds rather than only using 10 % of our minds to begin with.  I wonder what kind of accomplishments we could make if everybody used 100 % of their minds.  We would be fascinating creatures in the Universe.  For some reason, I don’t think it is meant to be this way.

There is a reason why we only use 10 % of our minds and this reason tells us 10 % of our minds is our limitation for the world.  We were given this as a starting point.  Now we must overcome this and use the rest of our mind to accomplish more.  Stress may inhibit us from doing this and this is something we all need to minimize.

More to come on this topic, just tired anyway…


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