Searching for peace between all of us

How much can all have peace amongst all of us? I feel that life is a struggle if you create it to be a struggle. Life is about fighting for your rights in order to get what you want out of life. If you sit back, lay back, and let the world walk all over you, then you what you deserve which is nothing.

We must all fight for our rights. We all are people and have feelings too. I cry, you cry, we all cry especially when we all get happy as well.

We all have a right to achieve the goal that signifies our self-dignity. Yes people with lower functioning Autism do have a very difficult time more so than people with milder Asperger Syndrome, but people with lower functioning Autism can achieve things too. Whether it is a small achievement or not they can achieve.

Neurotypicals need to realize that we can function on our own and to give us a chance. Most of the problem occurs because parents do not give people on the Autism Spectrum a chance to function on their own and they try and talk for us. We have our OWN voice and we can talk for ourselves. If not with our mouths, with our body language and also with computers.

Anyway, there needs to be peace between all of us so that ALL of us can live, breath, function easier on this Earth.

The problem lies with parents.   Although, NOT MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE are like my mother who supports independence stressing to challenge me and people on the Autism Spectrum to function on our own.

out, J

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One thought on “Searching for peace between all of us

  1. Club 166

    Hi, Jason.

    I read this yesterday:
    …The problem lies with parents. …

    and decided to wait until today to respond, so I didn’t come back with some snarky answer about over generalizing on your part. So I’ll just politely ask today,

    Please elaborate. My take on reading this sentence (if I understand you correctly) is that you feel that the primary reason autistics have problems functioning independently in society is their parents. While as a parent I can see potential problems with some of my own parenting (any experienced parent will admit that parenting is a process where we continually strive towards an ideal, and often fail) as well as some big problems with other’s parenting, I guess I don’t see the parents of autistics as the primary source of problems for autistics, but rather general societal prejudices and systems that are set up.

    Thanks in advance.



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