Rich lives, Poor lives, don’t we all live rich lives since we all have love first

This world is living under circumstances of stupidity and absurdity.  People want to live trying to worry about money.  Money is not the world’s most renowned object of precious gift for the world. The one thing this world needs to understand is the materials which are given to us are for special rewards we are supposed to earn.  There are too many people in this world who receive gifts or buy gifts for themselves when they don’t even deserve it.  There are even people in this world who want inheritance estate when they do nothing to help the person they want some piece of the inheritance estate.  Do me a favor? If you do not intend to help a person in times of terminal illness, do not demand part of an estate, you do not deserve. Only the people who help a terminally ill individual deserve part of an estate.  This is just my opinion, I wonder how many of you all agree with me. This is quite sad that people demand things they do not deserve.

A reward is a gift of material someone receives because they earned it.  I want to earn my gifts, not just receive gifts I do not earn.  It is an earnest way of living. We need to earn our way through this world to be able to live our life respectfully.  No body knows anymore what they truly desire because everybody feels they have everything they want already. It is probably because people use their emotions too much.

I do feel there are too many people in this world who use their emotions too much, hence, every one does. I think it is human nature.  It still means we must control our emotions to enter in to a new realm of life.  Emotions control us too much and even I have trouble with this. Emotions are Love, Anger, Sadness,… all related to feelings, moods, thoughts, and behaviors.

The emotions of our behaviors control our everlasting self all the time.  It even controls animals too.  Our emotions need to be controlled in times of fear.  We can not fear anything. Like Yoda says, “Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to Hate, Hate leads to Suffering.”  We all need to determine what we fear or what many things we fear, letting go of it.

More to come on this topic. It’s CANY time… learning drama acting.  BTW,  I am continuing reading Animals in Translation by Temple Grandin and finding it to be a fantastic book. Thank you to the person who gave this book to me as a gift.  I really appreciate it and I love the book a lot.  Now I feel like reading the book “Thinking in Pictures” which is another great book I heard many people say.

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