Reporting of Jerks in this world

Jerks are everywhere. They are at work, on the roads, on the public transit, and sometimes even at home, they are everywhere.

You can not get away from a Jerk no matter what you do.  When you see a Jerk, its like they have multiple things involved within their jerky motives like if its a woman, then they are like a female dog.  If they are male, then they are an illegitimate child.

Take a look at the whole world. How many Jerks have you seen in this world so far?

TOO MANY that I can not even count on my fingers.  Let alone there are also KNUCKLEHEADS as well which can be the same person who is also a jerk.

Anyway, Jerks are real disastrous people when you meet them, but the idea of it all is to  try  and ignore them as much as you can.

out, J

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